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The Hong Kong company was established in 2003 (Established in 2003) The manufacturing plant was established in 2009 (Established in 2009) General Taxpayers Incorporated was founded in 2013 (Established in 2013)Capital of the factory :  HKD 50660000 (Capital :  RMB 50,660,000) Dongguan factory staff: 280number( Employee = 280Person) plant area:7000 square metre (Space = 7000 ㎡ ) 

key product (Major Products )

Socket: earphone socket, DC socket;;

The switch hasToggle switch, touch switch, ball switch, button switch, detection switch, code dial switch, micro switch, ship type switch;

The connectors are:USB connector、TYPE-CconnectPanel to panel connector, SMA connector, battery connector and other series products 

other categories verification  : ISO9001:2008