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Work closely with suppliers to enhance continuous improvement and management of supply chain social responsibility, ensure the production of products in a socially responsible manner, and establish the brand and confidence of joint supply chain social responsibility among global customers.
Supply chain CSR management system

In 2013, We committed to gradually establish and improve the SUPPLY chain CSR management system, including strengthening CSR management objectives, formulating CSR agreements with suppliers, CSR training and skill upgrading

1、Strengthen CSR management objectives

In 2013, CSR became the threshold standard introduced by Haofu strategic partner suppliers, stipulating CSR review for strategic partner suppliers' certification. Carry out CSR system self-inspection on the cooperated suppliers. Jointly develop and issue the "Joint Social Responsibility Procurement Guide" to suppliers to promote suppliers to meet the requirements of the social responsibility system

2、Develop CSR protocol for suppliers

The CSR agreement, social Responsibility and Occupational Health and Safety Undertaking, includes child labor, forced labor, occupational health and safety, freedom to organize trade unions and the right to collective bargaining. The company signs CSR agreements with all suppliers to enforce CSR requirements on suppliers
3、CSR training and skills upgrading

In August 2013, we invited a third party training institution to train 25 employees on SA8000, EICC and BSCI standards, among which 3 employees from the operation department of the supplier participated and successfully completed the training and obtained the internal auditor certificate.
The supplier operation Department formulated and implemented the 2013 Supplier CSR& Environmental Protection Training Plan, and more than 300 suppliers and partners participated in this training throughout the year
4: CSR Results of inspection and acceptance

After CSR training is completed, the supply department will formulate the social responsibility on-site evaluation plan, conduct on-site evaluation on key material suppliers, and promote the improvement and promotion of suppliers. Gradually improve the supplier's social responsibility management mechanism, strengthen the supplier's social responsibility awareness