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  • Do you understand the product knowledge of waterproof light touch switch?

    We walk in an era of DianQiHua, lifted up his eyes visible all kinds of electrical equipment, medical and military industry and other high-end equipment and small home appliance, life cannot leave the

    2020-06-05 admin7 8

  • What is a waterproof microswitch?

    This electrical equipment upgrades quickly, all sorts of switch are also constantly upgrade and improve, make our life more convenience, there is a switch in the numerous switch due to contact the rel

    2020-06-05 admin7 10

  • How to choose a good waterproof micro switch?

    提起电子产品市场,小小的电子元件开关产品目前也是市场竞争较大,各种品牌的开关介绍也让我们眼花缭乱无从选择,有时候看着是同一种规格的开关,却有可能存在不同的价格,但是又不能单从价格来判断质量,广东电子开关专业生产厂商星坤科技愿意和大家分享一些电子开关的选购攻略,下面一起来了解下如何选择防水型微动开关。 1.首先我们需要了解防水微动开关的生产厂商,要确认这个企业的资质,资质如何,用户口碑

    2020-06-05 admin7 6

  • How to weld a light touch switch?

    As we all know, the application field of light touch switch is very wide. Its use makes our life more intelligent and convenient.The light touch switch is generally welded on the PCB board, so how is

    2020-06-05 admin7 3

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