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Leaders of Haofu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. led the staff to fight against the epidemic

2020-06-05 15:48:11 admin7 6

People's lives are more important than Mount Tai, and epidemic prevention and control is of Paramount importance. Since the outbreak of "Wuhan Pneumonia", 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions have launched first-level response to major public health emergencies. The "Wuhan pneumonia" epidemic is no longer a city or a province.A large range of personnel screening, a large range of personnel isolation, need to invest a lot of human and material resources.In order to prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus infected with pneumonia and ensure the material supply for epidemic prevention and control, people from all walks of life such as medical, health, public security, transportation, civil affairs, commerce and catering have been mobilized and actively engaged in fighting against the epidemic and virus.

Inside and outside the hospital, there are two battlefields, one is in the hospital, fighting with disease, snatching people from death;One battlefield is outside the hospital, at war with panic, at war with chaos, at war with rumors, at war with epidemic control, at war with contagion.



In order to support Wuhan in its fight against the epidemic, Haofu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is also taking action outside the hospital and on the battlefield of epidemic prevention and control.Employees of the company voluntarily organized donations, and there were no rigid requirements for the activity. Everyone was very enthusiastic. Every donation represented the love of every employee of the company

The company actively responds to the call of the country to further delay the arrival time of employees, allowing them to work from home, reducing staff turnover, and ensuring the health and life safety of employees to the greatest extent

Aware of the seriousness of the epidemic, the company also called on its employees to actively participate in the supervision and report to the government the people who had returned from Wuhan, and make reports. Employees are not only responsible for themselves, but also responsible for others and the society



If the road is not dangerous, there is no way to know the virtue of the horse.At present, the leaders and employees of Guangdong Xingkun Technology Co., Ltd. unite to unite against the common enemy and help each other in times of difficulty. They are always vigilant and determined to win the battle against the epidemic