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Haofu Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Introduces IP67 waterproof, high security MICRO B connector U-E-M7SS-Y-4.

2020-06-05 15:45:21 admin7 5

Haofu Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Introduces IP67 waterproof, high security MICRO B connector U-E-M7SS-Y-4.     

       XKB Connectivity, a global Connectivity manufacturer, recently launched a Micro USB 2.0 compliant connector - U-E-M7SS-Y-4 - that supports high-speed transmission and high security. The input/output Connectivity is Micro USB 2.0 compliant and supports high-speed data and power transmission.In addition, the SMD welding bracket provides additional support from below the connector



As consumer electronics become thinner and smaller, they are becoming more vulnerable to water and dust. How do you completely isolate liquids (such as water) and solids (such as dust) from mobile devices?Star of U - E - M7SS - Y - 4 gives the answer, the connector has high safety, can be the connector shell opening and internal gaps are sealed, thus provides the best protection effect, optimize the user experience of IP67 connector in the depth of 1 m for mobile devices to provide waterproof protection, waterproof effect sustainable for at least 30 minutes.The short body installation solves the space limitation of the shell during installation, and the MICRO head can be exposed, making it shorter in product design.

        The person in charge of the technology department of Haofu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. said: "The connector developed by Haofu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is 5.25* 9.28* high 3.9 and equipped with a yellow seal ring, with high security.In addition, this connector also has the advantages of small size, good compatibility, strong durability and high EMI performance. It is suitable for the completely sealed IP67 mobile audio-visual equipment, smart speaker, digital camera and other electronic devices.With this product, customers can complete high-speed data transmission, video transmission and power supply through a single connector。”