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Do you understand the product knowledge of waterproof light touch switch?

2020-06-05 16:25:09 admin7 8

We walk in an era of DianQiHua, lifted up his eyes visible all kinds of electrical equipment, medical and military industry and other high-end equipment and small home appliance, life cannot leave the switch control, and with the advance and development of intelligent, people pursuit high quality of life and, to the attention of the security of all kinds of electrical appliances intelligent waterproof properties is also put forward the request, also need to have waterproof performance, little switch hao rich technology companies here simply to introduce you to the knowledge type waterproof touch switch.

To understand first what is the light touch switch, touch switch is an electronic switch, when used to meet the operating force conditions of the pressure switch in the direction of switch operation function is closed connected, when undo pressure switch is disconnected, its internal structure is accomplished by metal shrapnel force change on and off, light touch switch consists of insert, base, shrapnel, buttons, plate, due to the small, thin, according to the minimal force and size and variety advantages, light touch switch is popular with many industries in the market, is one of the fastest growing market demand in recent years.