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What is a waterproof microswitch?

2020-06-05 16:26:09 admin7 10

This electrical equipment upgrades quickly, all sorts of switch are also constantly upgrade and improve, make our life more convenience, there is a switch in the numerous switch due to contact the relatively small spacing is called the micro switch, is also what we call the sensitive switch, micro switch, also have a variety of internal structure, with the improve of people's safety consciousness, pay more attention to the protection of a switch performance, then the micro switch type waterproof micro switch?Of course.Here is a brief introduction of what is a waterproof microswitch. The following is the definition of a waterproof microswitch.

The waterproof microswitch is a kind of waterproof switch with small contact interval and fast moving mechanism, which USES specified travel and specified force for switching action. It is covered with a shell and has a waterproof switch with a driving rod outside.Contact: In the waterproof microswitch type, the function of the switch is realized by the mechanical switch of the contact, compared with the semiconductor switch with waterproof microswitch characteristics.

Waterproof micro switch also has different classification, can be divided into small, ultra-small, normally open, normally closed, etc., the general feature is small size, through the rubber sealing ring and epoxy resin filling to achieve stable sealing, can be used in the water or dust, there are different levels of waterproof.

Waterproof micro switch is widely used in all kinds of cold, wet, dust and all kinds of harsh environment, such as cars, spraying equipment, refrigerator, ice machine, bathroom equipment, air conditioning, water heater and some outdoor equipment and instruments.

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