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How to choose a good waterproof micro switch?

2020-06-05 16:26:00 admin7 6

Dongguan Haofu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to share with you some electronic switch purchase strategy, the following to understand how to choose a waterproof micro switch.

1. First of all, we need to know about the waterproof micro switch manufacturers, to confirm that the enterprise qualifications, qualifications, user reviews how, also know this vendor resources, whether there is a strong technical support, and how long did the manufacturers switch operation, these are choosing to the premise of a trust of micro switch security.

2. Know the parameters of the microswitch, the size of the switch, including current range, stroke and operating force, and know the rated current and voltage (AC or DC) required for specific application to select the right switch. Microswitches are usually capable of breaking current from 5mA/5VDC to 25A/250VAC.In addition to the load requirements, the appropriate circuit must be selected.Switch contacts must be either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC).

3. Understand the operating environment of the switch.Environmental requirements have a significant impact on the selection of microswitches, especially in highly reliable and critical applications such as industrial controls and medical equipment.Understand the environmental conditions applied, including contaminants that may enter the switch in the air, the liquid in which the switch is located, and operating temperature requirements.

4. Make clear how many times the switch needs to be used in the electrical and mechanical operation life, to ensure that the switch can be trouble-free and safe operation.Different switches have different contact materials, housings and terminals to meet the electrical and mechanical life requirements of different applications.

5. Consider the cost performance of the switch, the same performance, the same material, choose a more cost-effective brand, and then understand the after-sales service to consult whether the manufacturer can solve the problem in time, whether to provide technical support such as installation.

Of course, in the actual purchase, according to their own needs, to choose the corresponding waterproof micro switch, in order to be more practical, and save more resources.